The Bookhouse

In-house photography and videography for The Bookhouse, SE London recording studio.

Our friends launched their studio back in December 2018, and we shot stills of the space and gear within it to be used on their website and social media channels. The Bookhouse is designed to be a welcoming environment with a cosy living room vibe, yet still contain a professional high-end recording setup that can handle the requirements of any client. We tried to reflect this in our work, editing the images with warm, vintage-feeling tones whilst capturing photos of key pieces of equipment around the studio.

We also started a ongoing series of live sessions called ‘Live At The Bookhouse’: all 100% live, one-shot and often one-take videos with no editing. We’ve invited a wide range of amazing artists to take part so far, from singer-songwriters such as Samuel Nicholson and Holiday Oscar to heavy bands like Kowloon Walled City and Kal Marks. In addition we created a new general promo video for the studio in early 2020, using footage from various sessions over the previous year.

The Bookhouse