Kurt Phillips

Personal website for freelance drummer/percussionist Kurt Phillips.

Note that the initial framework for the site was already in place – we helped Kurt complete it by organising the content, adding sections and writing copy.

Kurt wanted his website to provide information about him and the various services he offers, as well as host various media examples of these. There was a lot of different content to feature, so a big part of the project was working out how to organise it in a simple, intuitive fashion without compromising on depth and detail. We opted for the layout you see below, which we felt was an effective compromise.

The media on the site includes a SoundCloud audio playlist, discography section with thumbnail links and various live and studio videos, as well as all the usual social links placed in the footer. Aesthetically we kept things simple via a mainly monochrome look, with colour accents provided by the content featured throughout the site.


Kurt Phillips

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